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Hi my name is Lo, I am the owner of Wildflower Event House - a full service event and wedding planning company. 

Wildflower Event House started to take root and grow into what it is today after planning my own wedding and turning our family’s horse farm into an elegant wedding venue. Following this, I started to get requests to help bring some of that magic to other couple’s weddings.

To plan any event, especially a wedding it takes patience, attention to detail, a good attitude, vision and a well-organized plan. This statement is exactly the mentality I build my business around, I used this mindset to outline the most efficient way to plan our wedding while working full-time and traveling extensively for business. I then took that plan to grow into Wildflower Event House, in the most “Lo” way there is, with lists, working documents and color-coded plans.

The goal when partnering with our brides and event planners it to take away the stress, and the overwhelming feeling of a whole event and break it down to easy to manage steps, and a reasonable timeline. Leaving your only job on event day, is to simply be in the moment and enjoy it! 

By hiring me and my team we work with you to make a plan and we give you the tools to make every event a successful one.

We look forward to meeting with you to learn how we can help you make your next event the most enjoyable one.

Lauren Pilette

Founder & Event Planner

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